Client Testimonials in Metro West, Massachusetts

To Whom It May Concern,
I confirm that I have dealt with Allen Grome of A.G. Reliable Remodeling of Framingham, MA, since 2005, during which time we have seeked his services to build a new deck and then recently to gut out a bathroom. Allen's work has been a major factor in the upscale of my home.

At all times, I have found Allen to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, and a man of integrity who is extremely dedicated to not only the work he produces, but to his family and community. During these remodeling jobs - at a time when I was unsure of what I needed or what to expect - Allen always took the time to explain the process and details of each job.

In summary, I highly recommend A.G. Reliable Remodeling for any general contracting job that he may seek to pursue, and I have used Allen as a reference many times. I'm happy to provide further information

Sandra - Homeowner - Framingham, Massachusetts
To Whom It May Concern,
We highly recommend A.G. Reliable Remodeling for your next home project. Allen completed two substantial projects on our 200-year-old home in a timely and professional manner.

Our first project involved the update of a 1970s-style bathroom and the conversion of a small fourth bedroom into a master bath. When challenges typical of an antique home arose, Allen consulted with us on the best, most cost-effective solutions. We still get compliments on our new bathrooms. Our family bath is functional and durable. Our master bath is a sanctuary.

We immediately thought of Allen when we needed emergency work on another section of our house 18 months later due to decades-old water and termite damage. Once again, Allen came through with a high-quality, budget-friendly solution. He even provided great advice on preventing future problems. We really appreciate Allen's attention to detail - especially with newly installed, energy efficient doors and windows.

Perry & Sandra - Homeowners - Framingham, Massachusetts
To Whom It May Concern,
Allen Grome was the lead contractor on the project for a complex, multi-level addition to our existing antique colonial farmhouse. The project included seeking various town permits, removing an existing cesspool, and installing a new septic system.

The demolition included removing a very large portion of existing, external and internal wall and half a bath. The addition included adding one-and-a-half new bathrooms, a master bedroom suite, large dining room/new kitchen space, and a "wellness room" with a special floor created for dance, yoga, and martial arts, but also walls wired for an entertainment center.

Plans also included changing an office into an entryway/mudroom with porch and roof coverage. The new dining room/kitchen space was flanked by a broad farmhouse porch on 2 sides. Roof repairs were made and a new roof was put on part of the house.

Mr. Grome suggested to us the architectural designer we eventually used to plan the project. We worked with Mr. Grome and this designer for over a year to create the plan we ultimately used. Mr. Grome was then the contractor in charge and conducted the demolition while we were out of town. He brought in a cleaning service prior to our return to make the space more livable for us upon our return.

Mr. Grome brought in several sub-contractors to accomplish the various jobs requiring specialized skills. Mr. Grome is, in general, prompt. Polite, a man of his word, a man of his word, and is dedicated to completing the job according to the customer's request. His prices are fair. Mr./ Grome was available evenings when there was a pressing concern to be discussed or a problem to be solved.

He was always courteous, pleasant, calm, and patient. His demeanor was also appropriate with children in the home. Mr. Grome's sub-contractors were also of great quality and conducted themselves professionally. We have recommended Mr. Grome to numerous friends for their building projects. Overall, we had a very positive experience with Mr. Grome and would hire him again in the future.

Rhonda - Homeowner - Framingham, Massachusetts
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